Proudly serving Scottsdale for over 25 years.

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Miller Physical Therapy has been performing for over 25 years direct one on one physical therapy with the physical therapist working with every patient at every visit for 25 minutes or more. Because of our interactive style, each client can expect to have a medically supervised exercise program designed to their unique clinical needs.

Miller Physical Therapy strives for clinical excellence and patient satisfaction. Every patient regularly provides a written  survey/questionnaire to assure patient participation in our treatment plan and establishing clinical goals. 


Accepted Insurance:

  • Aetna HMO - PPO
    -Aetna Medicare

  • Medicare - we accept assignment

  • United Healthcare PPO

  • United Healthcare Group Medicare Advantage PPO

  • VA Choice Triwest

  • Cash Payment Plans well as many other insurance plans and worker's comp plans. Please call for other plans and confirmation of current plans.